2008 MLB Draft on Thursday

So I'd planned a little draft FanPost for the lunch hour, but I see Dave Cameron beat me to it .   

Go read that first... ok, got it?   Here are a few other possibilities - guys who may go from 12-25 or so:

1:  Yonder Alonso - 1b, Miami.   He was a consensus top 5 or 10 pick earlier, but seems to be dropping as prep 1B Eric Hosmer rises.   Would be a great bat, and a guy who could hit the ground running, but the odds still aren't great he'll be around at 20.

2:  Casey Kelley, SS, Fla HS.   Sounds similar to the prepster Anthony Hewitt, albeit with more physical tools and less baseball skill.   Kelley's signed a letter of intent to be U. of Tennessee's QB, so it'd take a lot to sign him, and at this point his hitting performance doesn't match his body type.   Could be another Hanley type like Hewitt, but he also screams Mike Morse to me (he's 6'4").

3:  Shooter Hunt, RHP, Tulane.   Great power pitcher, has hit 95, good offspeed pitch, but so so command.   He may go earlier, but this is a decent high risk high reward pick for a college pitcher.

4:  Ike Davis, OF, ASU.   Pure hitter, he's almost guaranteed to be around when the M's pick.   His teammate Brett Wallace is a great pure hitter as well, but if you can't get Wallace (he'll go around 10th-15th), Davis isn't a bad consolation prize.   Decent power, though not quite the plate discipline of Wallace.   A decent value pick if they really wanted a safe guy or a signable guy.

5:  Conor Gillaspie, 3b, Wichita State.   Another great pure hitter, hasn't played quite the competition of Davis/Wallace, and lacks pure power.   Did well in the Cape Cod league (led it in average), but that plus his meh power makes me think of Matt Mangini.  

6: Jake Odorizzi, RHP, Ill. HS.   Good FB/CB pitcher with a low-90s FB and a good slow curve.    Also developing a slider.    Some scouts like his mechanics/delivery.  

7:  Gerrit Cole, RHP, CA. HS.   True power pitcher who touches the mid/upper 90s.   Makings of a slider and change.    A Boras client, and someone whose mound demeanor has drawn some criticism.   Maybe a rawer but more projectable version of Chris Tillman.   He'll likely be there at 20, but will the M's go with another HS pitcher?  


What should the M's do?    Do you draft for need, or is that silly talk?   HS or college?   Pitcher or position player?

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