Baker's Blog: To Blow up or Not to Blow Up...

That is the question. He discusses whether we should blow up the team or just add big bats at the ASB to fix everything. Here is what I had to say to him.



In a Recent Billy Beane Interview he said you either think the current team you have can contend or you blow the whole thing up. Our Team is NOT a few good bats away from contention. So in my opinion it is time to start from scratch. We shouldn't have to of course, the Bedard trade should have never gone down. Any fan with a pea sized brain could have seen the the Seattle Mariners allowed more runs than they scored last year. Thus they overachieved massively and were not a 88 win team. But the blundering front office couldn't get past the notion of 88 wins + Bedard = Playoffs. Never mind Pythagoreans says we were actually a 72 win team. Never mind Raul's horrid outfield defense. Nevermind Vidro being absolutely done as a major league hitter. Nevermind Sexon's depleting bat speed.

The answer to this team should have been "Stay the Course". But now that we are "surprisingly" a loosing team ( I say it like that because any Saber Head in the world could have told you the season was going to be like this) it is more than time to rebuild that farm.

I don't suggest letting Bavasi even touch the job either. Once the draft is over, he need to be out of a job. Howard Lincoln and Check Armstrong also need to go. They have no buisness running this team, and have corrupted this organization within for years.

Hire Antonelli of the Indians organization to be the GM. Thats right, hire a GM that knows what the word "sabermetrics" means and knows how to evaluate talent .

Draft a Cooper, Homser or Alonso in the 2008 draft. We have no first basemen in the system. LaHair, doesn't count.

Ask Beltre if he is willing to sign a extension. If not, deal him. No sense letting him walk when you could get a very nice haul for him in the trade market.

Ichiro and Felix are obvious mainstays.

Deal Bedard at the ASB to a pitcher hungry playoff contender and HOPE you get what you gave away for him. Thats a big hope...

Part ways with Vidro, Sexson, Burke, Washburn, Rhodes, Batista, Cairo and Bloomquist.

Deal Putz. As said, he was at the top of his game last year. Get something for him while you can.

Sign Inoa. If nothing more than you humiliate the Yankees

Deal Lopez and Yuni. Or Don't deal them. They are both very impatient at the plate and play horrible defense. "Oh, but Yuni is one of the best at SS"...No he isn't, too many mental errors and bad throws, he is not as good as advertised. On the other hand both are young and cheap and good stop gaps while you wait for your prospects to be ready for the MLB.

Keep Silva simply as a innings eater.

Keep Lowe and Green

Deal Ibanez, he still has enough trade value to get us an impact piece. Although it seems we are the only team in the AL who doesn't realize how bad his defense is. So deal him to a team that needs a DH.

Tell Johjima he is moving to DH, and Clement is catching. Let Joh go at the end of his contract or If Johjima can get us some good stuff, deal him.

For gods sake let Morrow start!

So now we have a young core and some left over guys to help.


* Ichiro
* Felix
* Morrow
* Clement
* Balentien

--> Spare Sparts

* Rowland-Smith
* Morse
* Reed
* Silva
* Green
* Lowe
* Lopez
* Betancourt

You now have players to build your team around along with plenty of "stop gaps". You also have some talent already in the minors that could become impact players (plus what you get in trades).

Our 2008 Top Draft Pick
Adam Moore
Michael Saunders
Carlos Triunfel
Phillippe Aumont
Juan Ramirez
Greg Halman

Along with...

Ryan Feierabend
Alex Liddi
Austin Bibens-Dirkx
Matt Mangini

Add onto all of this all the high draft picks you'll get throughout the rebuild process and you should have a championship team around 2012-2015.

Now you have the proper solution to fixing this team. None of this should have had to happen, but now that we are here, its time we right the ship.



I was subtly bashing Baker cause he was one of the idiots who saw, 88 wins + Bedard = Playoffs.

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