This is unacceptable, Jeff needs a TiVo


I've mentioned this in the past regarding hockey that Jeff needed to get the Center Ice package and a Tivo but he claimed poverty at the time.  But this is unacceptable.


As someone who usually works until ~4:45 and drives home until 5:30, these East Coast games present a problem. Either I can try to pick them up live having missed a bunch of innings, which makes writing more difficult, or I can wait and watch the archived video, in which case I have to do what I can to avoid seeing the score. Neither is great, but I always have to choose one of them, and today I chose the archive.

Funny thing about game archives: you can't watch them until the game's actually over. As we approached 8pm tonight with the game still going strong, I knew I was in trouble; a near four-hour contest would take me close to midnight to watch, and in that scenario there's just no hope for getting much writing done, not with an 8-5 job




For all the effort Jeff puts into this blog it's uconscionable that he has these two bad options for watching the game when there is The MLB season pass and TiVo out there that would enable him to watch games at his leisure without all that bullshit described above.  Specifically, in the above scenario he could come home and start the game right away, fast forward commercials and pitching changes, pause and rewind as needed for extra special analysis, potentially catch up to real time in short order, participate in the GTE and have a recap ready in reasonable amount of time after the game AND still get some sleep.  How awesome would that be as opposed to what the alternative is?

So, I am proposing that we, the Lookout Landing community for the embigginment of everyone concerned, chip in and buy Jeff a TiVo and the MLB season pass

There are of course, some possible roadblocks like his current living situation, and potential contract obligations (which may have been an issue when I brought it up during the hockey season last year).  I'm not sure what cable or DirectTV plan he would require (I have Direct TV and the hockey pass - and it's AWESOME), but the benifits would be huge for both Jeff and this blog that we all love so much.

The overall price wouldn't be that huge.  The Mlb Season pass is about $150.00 IIRC, the TiVo is around $100.00 (but sometimes they're almost free) and the cable or DirectTv plan starts at $20.00 a month.  I don't know how long the obligation for the cable or DTV is but lets say a year @$20.00/month = $240.00.  So that's about $500.00.  If Jeff already has Cable or DTV then it's considerably less.  What is that?  50 people chipping in $10 or 100 people in for $5

Now, I'm not web savy enough to set up a paypal thingy but I'm sure someone here could do it, and I would be one of the first to chip in ten bucks for the cause.  Of course, if you, Jeff are content with your situation, or are otherwise unable to accept this offer, I will humbly go back to lurking.  So, if Jeff is Okay with this, please reccomend this diary - um Fanpost (that sounds just as lame) and hopefully we can get this done.


Oh Yeah, Go Caps, Go (too bad we didn't face Ottawa in the first round)

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