Impressions from Angel Stadium (aka the place with the giant A with a halo on it)

So I had the distinct pleasure of going to a pair of M's games this weekend, and the even more distinct pleasure of going with two Angels fans and a cute girl (who my friend converted into an Angels fan while we were at the park, dammit) and screaming "SIT DOWN BITCH!" after Ryan Rowland-Smith finished owning Garret Anderson.

Anyway, from the weekend (Note: Pics will be posted tonight, since I'm at work and don't have my camera anyway)

- I'm starting to like Angel Stadium. I like baseball in all forms, and I really like minor-league baseball for some reason. Angel Stadium is like the ideal minor-league ballpark on a grand scale, from the cheesy (and hideously annoying, dear goodness) mascot, the giant A outside the stadium, the fake rocks in center field and the giant parking lot and tiny roads surrounding the venue. All in all a very fun experience though.

- It doesn't hurt that the beer isn't too exorbitantly expensive, either.

- I thought Richie looked good all series - no idea how he looked against pitchf/x  data or even on TV, but in person, he seemed to be driving everything and being patient at the same time - he hit three homers in the series, and took Vlad to the wall twice yesterday, plus the fuck Torii Hunter play on Friday.

- Wilkerson... eh. Hopefully he starts getting some hits, because while the OBP in spite of hitting is nice, I'd like to actually have him drive in some runs rather than always count on Big Richie for a three-run homer that may or may not be coming.

- Adrian Beltre is awesome in too many ways to count. On Saturday, as the M's took infield, Rex Hudler was making the rounds, glad-handing and chatting with the Mariners players (with Rex, yeah, he's a bad announcer, but you have to give him credit for trying hard, and being entertaining to boot), and for about a minute he stood by third mock-bowing to Beltre, then pounded his chest and yelled "You da man!!!" Beltre just laughed.

- Watching Miguel Batista pitch isn't very interesting. At least he was getting outs yesterday, even if they were in the form of line drives hit right at fielders.

- Watching Dustin Mosely try to pick off Adrian Beltre was even less interesting

- Ryan Rowland-Smith is awesome. Brandon Morrow throws really fast. And Ichiro is a batting practice BEAST.

- I'm sure I'll think of more of these later. Who else went/what did you guys think of it?

 - Also, from Lowell Cohn, Brian Sabean is a genius and Billy Beane wants to get to the playoffs so he can lose on purpose

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