What FA are left and who should we sign

In an attempt to make a diary that relates to baseball, I figured I'd try to go through the FA that are left.  I think we all agree that we probably need at least a bench bat and/or maybe a 4th OF.  We could use a little insurance because if the four headed monster of Ibanez/Wilkerson/Sexson/Vidro has the collapse they are doomed to have them we'll be screwed.  I also wouldn't be surprised if we signed a RP. With the retarded Cairo signing I'm guessing we won't be looking at any infielders.

So here we go in no particular order:

Tony Clark - Padres (1yr/900k)
Doug Mientkiewicz
Mike Piazza
Mike Sweeney
Russell Branyan
Jeff Cirillo
Corey Koskie?
Barry Bonds
Shea Hillenbrand

Tony Graffanino

Kenny Lofton
Kevin Mench
Trot Nixon
Corey Patterson
Shannon Stewart
Reggie Sanders
Sammy Sosa
Preston Wilson

Jeff Weaver
Armando Benitez
Shawn Chacon
Rudy Seanez
Bob Wickman

I wasn't gonna do a bunch of analysis of all the options but there are still a fair number of guys out there that could help the club.  

I'd love to see the team sign Mike Sweeney but that's probably me being irrational.  As sad as it is, Mientkiewicz might be as good as Sexson next year (and have the hardest name to spell ever).  Bonds would be great but we'll never sign him.  Branyan and Piazza would be interesting if nothing else.  I'd also really like so get Koskie but from what it sounds like he might never play again (or at least not until part way through the season) because of the concussion issues.

In the OF, I like Patterson the most probably (if Bonds doesn't count).  After that its basically everyone else.  Half of them will probably do fine but the others will probably suck.  The bar has to be set by asking if they are better than Wlad/Reed.  It would be nice to have somebody who could be a defensive sub (Patterson).

I wouldn't be extremely pissed if we signed a RP.  With Sherrill gone it isn't the worst move as long as we don't overpay and don't sign somebody who isn't actually any good.

Anyway, thoughts?  Since this Bedard trade went down, a push for this year needs to be made by the front office.  If I took over Bavasi's job right now I'd probably try to grab somebody useful with a trade.

If you need something else to talk about here is a random name: Hee Seop Choi.

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