Premature look at 2008: Competent GM (?) Edition.

As it stands right now, the 2007 Mariners have quite a few holes.  From where I'm standing, I see 1B, 2B, LF, DH, 3 Starters, and one long relief spot as the team's problems.

Well, this terrible umpiring job and managing job tonight (Sean White?  Really?) has prompted me to throw together a quick 2007 offseason plan to fix the problems so we might not be so terrible in 2008.

Here's how to solve the problems...

  1. DFA "DH" Jose Vidro.  No one will trade for him, you've just got to eat the Salary.  As far as I know, the M's are paying $6.5 of it, so that'll count toward the team's total cost.
  2. Trade 1B Richie Sexson w/$5 million, LHSP Ryan Feierabend, and LHSP Tony Butler to Baltimore for RHSP Hayden Penn.  Baltimore is a dumb organization who would take a chance on Richie, and Hayden Penn has crazy good upside.
  3. Trade LHSP Jarrod Washburn to Toronto for OF Reed Johnson.  Toronto could use an extra starter to make them competitive in the east, and they can afford it.  Johnson is a good 4th outfielder and can start if need be.  Gives us depth, saves us money.
  4.  Trade "LF" Raul Ibanez to Cleveland for LHSP Jeremy Sowers.  The Indians seem to have given up on Sowers and Raul seems to be the type of hitter Cleveland likes.  They tried to get a platoon left-handed Left Fielder in Dellucci this year, and it didn't really work out for them.  Raul has some pop in the cannon as a platoon guy and seems to fit Mark Shapiro's style.  Sowers has good upside and could be fixed.
  5.  Promote Wladimir Balentien and make him the everyday DH and get some spot starts in RF.  He may not be ready for the show yet, but I believe he's capable of a .260/.330/.470 line next year, which is better than you'll get out of Vidro.
  6. Start Adam Jones in LF every day.  Duh.
  7. Re-sign Ben Broussard and make him play 1B against every RHP.
  8. Convert RHP Brandon Morrow and LHP Ryan Rowland-Smith into Starters.
  9. Promote RHPs Kam Mickolio, Austin Bibens-Dirkx, and Jorge Campillo to the bullpen.
  10. Sign 1B Kevin Millar to a 1-year, $4 million deal to be Ben Broussard's RH Platoon Partner and bench bat.
So that makes your 2008 Seattle Mariners look like this:

C Kenji Johjima ($5.5)
1B Ben Broussard ($5--arbitration)
1B Kevin Millar ($4)
2B Jose Lopez ($3...right?)
SS Yuniesky Betancourt ($4...right?)
3B Adrian Beltre ($11--his contract was backloaded)
LF Adam Jones ($370K)
CF Ichiro ($12--deferred payments)
RF Guillen ($10 is what I'm assuming his new deal is)
DH Wladimir Balentien ($370K)
OF Reed Johnson ($2)
UTIL Willie Bloomquist ($1)
C Jamie Burke ($370K)

SP Felix Hernandez ($400K)
SP Miguel Batista ($8.5)
SP Brandon Morrow ($370K)
SP Ryan Rowland-Smith ($370K)
SP Hayden Penn ($370 K)

CP J.J. Putz ($4)
LHSU Sherrill ($370K)
RHSU Green    ($370K)
MR Mickolio   ($370K)
MR Bibens-Dirkx ($370K)
MR Eric O'Flaherty ($370K)
LR Jorge Campillo ($370K)

Vidro Money ($5.5)
Sexson Money ($5)

Total cost of team: $85.34 million dollars.

This solves all of the team's problems except for 2B, where we just have to hope Lopez improves.  I think in a new year with his brother's death past, he'll come back a little bit.  This team also has more depth, as Reed Johnson can start if someone gets hurt, Wlad can move to the OF if needed, Jeremy Sowers is in AAA and Jorge Campillo in long-relief for starters, and it's a cheaper overall team.  Hayden Penn will look nice in a future Rotation of Felix-Morrow-Butler-Aumont-Penn

I realize this is an extremely premature rosterbation thread, but being so down on today's game, I needed to do something to feel hopeful about the future.  How does this look to you guys?

Also, with Millar the name is more negotiable, the idea of a guy who can put up acceptable numbers vs. LHPs (Millar is better vs. RHPs, but still good vs. LHPs). I looked up a few good alternatives for Millar. Piazza, Alou, Mike Sweeney, Pat Burrell, Jeff Conine, and Casey Blake would all be good substitutes but would likely cost more money.

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