Why McLaren should be fired

I know this is a tired argument but after writing/reading a few comments on Geoff's blog, I want to reiterate why we do not need McLaren in 2008:

Adam Jones is not the reason McLaren should be fired.  While we all use him as the poster child for McLaren's incompetence (and Bavasi's) It's not about Adam Jones, it's about Jones, Wlad, Clement, Green, Morse and anyone else who could have been used sometime in some way when one of the veterans was struggling. And let's not even discuss just struggling. What about that "rest" that they needed and never received. Let's assume Ibanez's hitting woes were solely because of his injury, for example. Jones or Wlad or Morse could all have given him a rest to heal up, and he could have been back in form long before August. We don't even need to talk about Sexson being replaced with Broussard, because that argument is tired.

Jones is a symbol for symbolic non-decisions. And that's what they were - things that were not done. Many, many, many, many things that were not done. Oh, wait, snap, they did get and use Rick White. My bad.

I'm not going as far as to say that it was necessary to play Adam Jones - but he is one of several talents that was not used even to rest a starter for one single day.

AND - if, finally, we want to say that McLaren did the best he could with what he was given (I know that's not what we are saying, but still...) - my point is that he didn't actually do anything. He could have been replaced by a Mac-Plus computer from the 80's (A McPlus?) and it would have made the same decisions. A good manager is someone who does what a computer program would not tell them to do, because they understand the game. Although I can't see any modern technology that would pipe in Sexson's name as a starter. So maybe we should see if the McPlus is available in '08.

Scratch that - Manager McPlus would have looked at numbers to determine ability.  Manager McLaren simply printed the same lineup card every day.  And that brings me back to my point and the point of this post.  For the purposes of arguing why McLaren should be fired, the reason is simple: If the absolute best strategy to winning any baseball game is to keep the same players in each game and every game for an entire season, in the same lineup as if they were facing the same handed pitcher - why do we need McLaren? Literally everyone on the planet can say the words: "Use the same lineup." If we are to assume that is the plan for success, we can hire a 20 year old unpaid intern to say the words: "Print the lineup card again, change the date." McLaren becomes superfluous to the team.


Finally, on a similar vein (but not something I want to make another diary for) - Why are the Mariners so dead set on trading people who may help the team? Morse, Wlad, Clement and Jones... Some prospects will not work out, but if another team wants them, shouldn't we assume that's because they could be something someday? I'll use Morse as my example (key word, "example" - please don't argue with me about what Morse's problems are, because I'm using him only to emphasize a point). This is a guy who has been up 3 times now. He has had successful stints each time. So what are the Mariners thinking of using him for? Either trading or a bench player. Why is that their pipe dream? Why shouldn't their pipe dream be: Maybe he'll become an amazing player someday. THEN, if they see that may not be the case, see if another team can use him instead. The M's need to stop training their players to be traded, and instead focus on training them to be the future of the Mariners.

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