2008 Rosterbation

So, uh, yeah.

Looking at the Mariner roster, what I see is:

  • pretty decent hitting
  • a bit too much from the right side, though
  • good bullpen
  • starting pitching that needs a #2
  • awful, terrible, no good defense
  • So, without further adieu...

    1. Per Baker:

    And speaking of Morrow ... he's one of several talented young players the Mariners could trade to acquire another starter. That group also includes OF Wladimir Balentien, C Jeff Clement and, if the name on the other end is Johan Santana, OF Adam Jones. Let's assume the Twins hang on to Santana. More likely targets would be someone like Jon Garland of the White Sox or Noah Lowry of the Giants. Or we could pull off a smaller deal for apitcher who's not on the radar like ... well, like the Mariners made for Horacio Ramirez last year. We'll shoot a little higher and try to get Brad Penny from the Dodgers in a deal that would include Morrow.

    OK, so it's a lot of a pipe dream, but sure. Maybe it's a 3 way so we can toss different prospects at the Dodgers.

    Brandon Morrow, Wladimir Balentien, Jeff Clement Chris Tillman, and a partridge in a pear tree for Brad Penny. Anyone but, oh, Truinfel.

    1. Richie Sexson and a big pile of cash for a Grand Slam at Denny's and a failed prospect to be named later.
    2. Let Guillen walk, and bring in CF Corey Patterson on a 2 year, second year mutual option deal similar to Guillen's last year.
    Yes, I know, we're adding ANOTHER player who doesn't ever walk and has no concept of the strike zone to the lineup. Mea culpa. However, Patterson will be 28 next year (a common age for a breakout year), he's coming off of a bit of a down year (.269/.304/.386), he's lefthanded and could be helped by Safeco, and he would give us 3 legitimately good to great outfielders instead of this year's alignment.

    4. Broussard becomes the 1B vs. RHP, Vidro is the 1B vs. LHP. Raul becomes the DH against LHP, and Mike Morse becomes our backup OF/DH/1B when we want to load the lineup with RHB (alternately, he becomes the 1B and Vidro is the DH and backs up VERY occasionally at 2B. (Willie can do that as well). If Raul tanks, Vidro becomes fulltime at DH.

    The roster now looks as follows:

    CF Ichiro!
    SS Yuni
    DH Raul
    3B Beltre
    1B Broussard
    C Johjima
    RF Jones (could move up if he gets hot)
    2B Lopez
    LF Patterson (also can move up if he gets hot)

    Beluga Tits
    one of Feierabend/Baek/RRS

    Putz woooo
    Potatoes $420K
    One of RRS/Baek/Feierabend/Mickolio

    Vidro DH/1B/2B
    Bloomquist SS/2B/OF
    Burke C
    Morse 1B/DH/OF


    This probably fixes the biggest problems on the team: terrible defense and needing a SP. The outfield has 3 pretty speedy defensive players out there and should rival the Wynn/Cameron/Ichiro or McLemore/Cameron/Ichiro alignments in being able to get to balls. The other swap (Brossard+Morse or Vidro

    The lineup is terrible about walking, still, but should hit OK, and actually has 4 LHB in it, but can easily be stacked to go 7 RHB/2 LHB and pound lefties by swapping out Raul and Broussard (if you hate the idea of Morse, substitute someone like Marcus Thames or any RH platoon guy). The bench should be getting regular action since Vidro, Willie and Morse can easily help give days off and will be platooning.

    The rotation now has two credible, sub 4.5 FIP starters (King Felix and Penny), adequate veteran starter depth at 3-4 (Batista and Washburn), and should be able to find someone to contribute at replacement-level at 5.

    If Penny isn't the guy, though... maybe we find someone else. I'm not stuck on the name, more the idea of "need another non-sucky starter".

    The biggest risk is that Lopez doesn't bounce back- if you wanted to mitigate that I would look for a deserving Rule 5 or minor league veteran with a GREAT glove (really, they need to be really, really good) who isn't awful at the plate- think something like D'Angelo Jiminez, and let them compete for the job in spring training. (I'm not enamored of Mark Loretta).

    Uh, thoughts?

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