Coco Crisp?

Conor sent me a message about Coco Crisp.  I would love to think it out more thoroghly, but I'll just copy and paste what has been said.  I never thought about it for, but I think it might be a good idea.  Onto the message...

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Conor
Date: Oct 10, 2007 9:46 PM

Yo Taco Buster -
What do you think it would take to trade for Coco Crisp. And - do you think his overall package (offense, defense, baserunning, $ and risk) would be better than signing Guillen?



Hmm...not entirely sure why I'd be more qualified than you to answer this, but I'll do my best. I think Crisp may be a better total package than Guillen but would definitely be more frustrating due to the fact that he'll probably get on base less often and hit for much less power... However, I don't imagine it would take much to trade for him as Boston is looking to make room for Jacoby Ellsbury. I think we have to look at Boston's haves and holes first...

Red Sox...based on my own scouts eye guesses which are probably off...

C Varitek Grade: C+
1B Youkilis Grade: B+
2B Pedroia Grade: A
3B Cora Grade: D (Lowell is FA, afterall)
SS Lugo Grade: F
LF Manny Grade: A
CF Crisp Grade: B-
CF Ellsbury Grade: B- (with upside)
RF Drew Grade: B
DH Ortiz Grade: A


SP Beckett Grade: A
SP Dice-K Grade: A- (upside!!)
SP Buccholz Grade: B (upside!)
SP Lester Grade: C+ (upside)
SP Wake/Tavarez/other Grade: C-

They've got a great closer, and the rest of the bullpen is expendable. So let's see. They could use a catcher, a third baseman, a shortstop, and a #5 starter (though Wakefield can get the job done if need be)

Kenji for Crisp straight-up might make sense. This also allows us to get Clement's bat into the lineup, and ZIPS already projects Clement to be good next year (.260/.330/.430 I think?). I'd honestly do this, I really like Jeff Clement and I think this deal improves the team in two areas.

We could Gamble and send them Lopez, RRS, and Nick Green for Crisp and Lugo. But if Lugo can't hit in Fenway, I don't think trading for him as a "project" is a good idea. Plus, I'd rather use RRS in our rotation, and I'm not ready to give up on Lopez.

Mike Morse and Ryan Feierbend might be interesting to them, as Morse gives them a viable bench bat that is better than Cora, and Feierabend is young, has upside, and may be better than Wakefield next year. I'd make this move in a heartbeat.

Maybe Tui and Adam Moore? They need a C for the future and Tui gives 'em a maybe he will be, maybe he won't be chance as a 3B of the future.

Asdrubal Cabrera straight up for...oh wait. Scratch that.

So that's what I think Crisp is worth to Boston...middle tier guys, hit-or-miss prospects, nothing too fancy. I think Crisp next year would be more valuable in terms of VORP/$, defense, and baserunning. I could see Crisp running a .285/.340/.420-.430 line in Safeco field, and as a defensive LF (allowing Jones to slot in at RF with his stronger arm) with SB potential, that works very well. Crisp for some spare parts and B prospects is better than Guillen blocking Wlad for 3 years at 3/$30...After 2008 though, I'd make Wlad my starting RF and put Jones in LF. Hell, I'd throw Jones and Wlad out there this year, but Bavasi already said that's not going to happen.

So what would I do? I'd trade Kenji straight up for Crisp, as this is year 4/4 of Jason Varitek's deal, and Francona is smart enough to get them both their ABs. Who knows, maybe they'll attempt moving Tek to 1B and put Youk at 3B again. It makes sense and solves a few problems.

I'd also trade Sexson for anything you could get (Maybe him, Feier, and half his contract to Baltimore for Hayden Penn? Look Penn up on B-Ref, the orioles seem to be giving up on him)

Finally, I'd sign Curt Schilling to a 2 year, $20-30 million deal (Whatever it took to get him)....your Crisp idea fits in line very well with this. Then your 2008 Mariners look like this...

C Jeff Clement
1B Raul Ibanez/Mike Morse
2B Jose Lopez
3B Adrian Beltre
SS Yuniesky Betancourt
LF Coco Crisp
CF Ichiro!
RF Adam Jones
DH Turbo (Wlad is called up if Vidro falters)


SP King Felix
SP Curt Schilling
SP Jarrod Washburn (separates the lefties, otherwise Batista goes here)
SP Miguel Batista
SP Ryan Rowland-Smith (or Hayden Penn. Morrow and the other of RRS and Penn in AAA starting. Carlos Silva on a 3/$21 deal wouldn't be a bad option here either)



So yeah. Coco Crisp improves this team from where it was last year, helps the flyball pitchers (Schilling, Washburn) and costs less than Guillen, all the while not being an offensive liability. I like this idea, I like it a lot, and I wish I would've thought of it. Sorry this is really lengthy, I just had to think it over, and I typed my thoughts out as I thought them. Hope this helps, for whatever reason you wanted my opinion.

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